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LEAP: Strengthening our Organizations through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Governance Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
Cindy Rowe
Yup! So much going on right now. I’m actually multitasking. We are hosting a watch party for the DC Jewish rally for abortion justice right now.
Sandy Aronson (CJP Partnerships and Services) (He/Him)
Good morning everyone! Please rename yourselves to include your organizations - we have a great group today. If you have any questions, feel free to put questions in the chat!
Aminah Sloan
What has been a successful (read: sensitive and respectful) approach to increase economic diversity on your Board? <Aminah Sloan>
Sandy Aronson (CJP Partnerships and Services) (He/Him)
We encourage you to go to gallery view so you can see everyone! And please continue with the questions
Abby Flam (JVS Board)
Not a question, comment. I think it is important to recognize that the work of DEI within the Board needs to be concurrent with DEI work among and throughout the staff and organizational leadership.
Deirdre Munley - Gateways (she/her)
I appreciate, Marni, you lifting up the importance of inclusion of individuals with disabilities. I'd love to hear more from the panelists about any work they've done in that area, and how that factors into decisions around holding meetings virtually v. in person, and other considerations about the mechanics of how meetings are conducted and to allow for full inclusion from a diverse population.
Aminah Sloan
For those that have successfully increased diversity, can you talk a little more about the Board's expectations of the "new" member as a "representative" for their "diversity" and their experience in that space? <Aminah Sloan>
Gary Alpert MWJDS
Piggyback on Deirdre DEIJ work cuts across many groups. It seems that this conversation has been focused on POC and economic diversity both quite important. My question is what work is being done to include or bring in people with disabilities?
Sandy Aronson (CJP Partnerships and Services) (He/Him)
Thank you everyone for joining! Your feedback is so important to us, and it informs the services we provide, including future LEAPs! Please fill out our quick feedback survey here: https://forms.office.com/r/Sk4fbvyPVK
Tamar Davis
Thank you everyone - what an important conversation and it's very encouraging to hear how we are all working to make real progress in this effort.
Reva Fischman, the Miriam Fund & CJP Board
Such an incredible conversation - thank you to all the presenters for being so candid.
Vladimir Foygelman. Center Makor
Thank you very much. it was very helpful and interesting. Wow.
Sandy Aronson (CJP Partnerships and Services) (He/Him)
Don't forget to fill out our feedback survey. Thanks everyone! https://forms.office.com/r/Sk4fbvyPVK