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CJP Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness - Shared screen with speaker view
Thomas Cheatham
Our payroll company Paylocity has a PPP forgiveness tool kit. Do you have an opinion on it?
michael ferber
can you send me the link for this
Hannah Underwood
Here is a link to the tool kit: https://info2.blumshapiro.com/loan-forgiveness-toolkit
Rachel Eisen (she/her), Mayyim Hayyim
Can you speak to voluntary resignations and how to use the toolkit for this?
Mary Robinson
Can you also address 'seasonal" employees, such as teachers, as to the FTE counts?
Mary Robinson
Also, the Forgiveness application needs to be made DURING the covered period?
Barbara Posnick
Can you talk about the interaction between the FTE test and the dollars paid. What happens if, hypothetically, we paid out 100% in the 8 weeks, 80% on payroll, but our FTE count went down by 30%?
Thomas Cheatham
The 24 week period is for spending the loan but Dec 31 is the period to restore FTE? If so can we apply after the FTE count is restored - maybe after Dec 31??
Karla Van Praag
I've heard rumblings about full forgiveness for smaller loans without requiring an application. Have you heard of this and what is a small loan?
Randi Federman
I have some questions on the EZ form.
Karla Van Praag
Are you penalized for a layoff or just have to repay the difference in what you would have paid them for the pay period?
Kerry Baser
one more - I am trying only to use the PP funds for payroll. So is my period the original 8 weeks or expanded to 11 weeks?
Lino Covarrubias
Thanks for this session. Very helpful. Lino Covarrubias JFS MW.
Kerry Baser
if I hired a person - I canuse the funds - correct?
Mary Robinson
Does the date of the loan received effect your ability for the 24 week covered period?
Debbie Kardon
Thank you!