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LEAP: Launching Sustained Collaborations and Mergers - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Matlaw
JVS recently completed a “merger”
Jane Matlaw
with the Boston Center for Adult Education
Nanette Fridman
Yay Anne!
Makiyah Moody | La Piana | she, her
Mergers & Alliance Toolkit includes readiness assessment questions, partnership exploration advice, etc. Scroll halfway down the page to view and download: www.lapiana.org
John MacIntosh
Pther materials can be found here at www.sustainedcollab.org
Nanette Fridman
Thank you for this. How do you think this topic gets surfaced within organizations? Does it always come from the Exec or from the Board Chair? What if someone else thinks worth exploring?
Thomas Cheatham
A hot topic is temple mergers any specific comments about that sector
Judith Rosenbaum
I’d love to hear some tips for managing an acquisition (rather than a merger).
Jeffrey Savit
I too thank you for this terrific LEAP session. My question is: In that communication period "between too early and too late" vis a vis speaking with grantors/funders, would one be seeking permission, or merely to inform?
Nanette Fridman
Thank you Tom for your leadership across so many dimensions. I agree about synagogues and was involved with the Cong. Shirat Hayam consolidation as a lay leader and also many more professionally. Happy to discuss.
Lou Woolf
Could we revisit the topic of differing cultures, and how much of a barrier that should be?
Edward Shapiro
Sharing my perspective on Jeffrey’s question, I think this is where your boards become critical. Every situation is different, but hopefully your board represents the opinion of the majority of your funders and therefore can be trusted and relied on to represent the views of your funders.
Jeffrey Savit
Thanks Ed!
Andy Kastner
One of the potential losses in an M & A is the loss or impact of capable board members/lay leaders. Can any of the panelists speak to how to think about board member re-placement either into the new entity or matching to a new organization? How might we think about passing the baton to a new set or generation of board members?
Tamar Davis | Gateways (she/her)
Thank you, Makiyah and John (and Neil) - and to the co-chairs Ed and Laurene. This was really excellent and thought-provoking!
Hannah Underwood- CJP